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business communication solutions, responses to RFTs and RFPsWhen you need communication solutions, think Desert Wave Enterprises.

Many organisations fail to obtain grant funding or win work, not because they aren’t capable, competent organisations, but because their written responses to Requests for Tender or Proposal (RFTs/RFPs) aren’t up to scratch.

In a competitive environment, the rewards go to those organisations who submit the most credible, comprehensive responses. Responses that not only answer the questions asked by requesting bodies, but go the extra mile.

If you are very good at what you do but it’s not writing:

  1. funding submissions
  2. responses to requests for tender or proposal (RFTs and RFPs)
  3. capability statements, or
  4. other business communication such as letters, brochures, reports, or copy for your internet* site, a tailored business communication solution is at hand

Robin at Desert Wave Enterprises will help you prepare or improve your business documents by providing expert, professional solutions when you need them.

As a senior manager, Robin sat on both sides of the table over a 30 year period, writing responses to requests and offers for funding and also assessing the responses in both Federal and State Government environments. His “hit rate” for obtaining funding from an Australian Government agency was so good, his methodology was adopted throughout the TAFE College at which he was employed as a department head.

If you haven’t got the time, interest or expertise to prepare the documentation you need, Robin can help. If you have time and expertise to prepare important documentation, but would like an unbiased review, ask Robin. It could make the difference between success and failure. Robin ¬†will review your documentation for a nominal cost and if he can’t improve it, he will tell you.

Proofreading? Some like it, most don’t

If you fit into the “most don’t” category, Robin can help out with your proofreading doing either a nominal proofing or an in-depth job.

Prefer to go it alone? Ask Robin about the Whitesmoke advanced grammar, punctuation and style checker that has taken the business world by storm.

And now the best part …

With a background teaching business and with experience in instructional design, management and public administration, Robin is well situated to provide complementary value-adding advice about your writing or proofreading task. Put simply, you get more bang for your buck, and of course you don’t have to accept or act on the free advice.

Read more about Robin and Desert Wave Enterprises by visiting the tabs above and if you feel he can solve your business communication challenges, contact him using the contact form on this site. You could also visit our People & Jobs blog and read some of our articles.

* I have chosen to adopt lower leading case “i” for internet because I see no reason why it should be otherwise

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